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Bookkeeping & Business support services

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Real-time or After-The-Fact Bookkeeping – You decide!
But why pay for after-the-fact bookkeeping and financial statements, when you can have real-time and real services?
Real Services Include and are not
limited to  the following:
  • Payroll and all payroll tax reporting and forms.
  • On site or off site. Your office or ours.
  • A/P – You open & review your bills; We enter your payables & process payments.
  • A/R – You perform your business services (i.e.- plumbing, medical, legal,  landscaping, etc);  We prepare your invoices and/or statements, mail out in timely & consistent  manner, and assist
    in collection of same. You make daily bank deposits, make copies of deposits and we enter.
  • Manage Cash Flow, Prepare Budgets
  • Bank Reconciliations – You open & review your bank statements; we reconcile your account(s) and prepare reconciliation reports.
  • Financial Statements – Receivables, Payables, Income Statement,
  • Balance Sheet – know where your company is financially and in real-time scenarios!
  • Work with your CPA to facilitate tax return(s) & other items needed from time-to-time.


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